The "B" Street House

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The "B" Street House is a historic house in Virginia City. It is located at 58 B Street. It currently operates as a bed and breakfast.


The house at 58 B was built in 1876 by Henry Piper, younger brother of John Piper, who built Piper's Opera House. The house was built the year after the Great Fire, and it was built atop the ruins of an earlier house that burned in the fire. The house was completed and Henry was living in it between December 1875 and February 1876. One of the guests of the Pipers was Samuel Post Davis, who later became the editor of the Carson Morning Appeal.

Throughout the early 20th century the house went trough a variety of owners. Pharmacist A. Lernhart and family lived in the house in 1900. Robert Rauhut bought the house in 1901 and rented it out. Irene Cooper leased it from Rauhut in 1908 and ran it as a boarding house. A V&T Railroad station master, L. Gallagher owned the house in the 1930s and the Lazarri family owned the home from the late 1930s to the 1950s. The house was even owned by Charles Clegg at one point, probably as a rental property. Then in the latter half of the 20th century the house was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

In 2004 the dilapidated building was purchased by Chris & Carolyn Eichin, who saw prmoise in the old house and set about restoring it. The restoration was complicated, involving lifting the house and building a new foundation, replacing the roof, and putting in completely new wiring and plumbing. In September of 2007 they reopened the house as the “B” Street House Bed & Breakfast.

B Street House in 2004.jpgThe house in 2004, before renovation

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