Rinckel Mansion

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The Rinckel Mansion is a historic home in Carson City. It is located at 102 N Curry Street, at the northwest corner of King and Curry Streets. It was built in 1876 for miner-turned-butcher Mathias Rinckel. The architect was Charles H. Jones of San Francisco. No expense was spared in building it, and the craftsmanship can be seen inside and out. The doors are handmade, and the windows are morticed and pegged so they need few nails. No expense was spared on the furnishings either. Most of the furniture was brought from Europe by ship, and Rinckel used the latest technologies from the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition to outfit his house. Rinckel himself died after only three years, but the house stayed with his wife and daughter until 1960.

Today the Rinckel Mansion houses the Donald W. Reynolds Press Center.

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