Minden Flour Milling Company

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The Minden Flour Milling Company is a historic building in Minden. It is located at the northeast corner of 6th Street and U.S. 395.

Built in 1906 as the first business in the new town of Minden, the Minden Flour Mill was also one of the biggest businesses in town. It was built by the Dangberg Company, and the board of directors was made up of the most powerful families in the Valley: Dressler, Dangberg, Springmeyer. The mill had four silos (added in 1908) that could hold 65,000 bushels of grain, and it was capable of producing 100 barrels of flour per day. Soon the demand for Minden Flour was so great that the plant could hardly keep up.

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The flour mill operated until the 1960s, and in 1975 it was purchased by Bently along with all the other buildings in Minden's old industrial neighborhood, like the Wool Warehouse and the Butter Manufacturing Company. The mill was designated for the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, but it has sat empty for four decades now. It's slowly deteriorating in place, and it might be in trouble if there isn't an effort to restore it soon.

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