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212 South Minnesota Street,Carson City, Nevada



The land was first subdivided in 1866. This lot was purchased by JUDSON WARNER and GEORGE MUNCTON, who were pharmacists. Their shop was on Carson Street opposite the Capitol. They never built a house on the land.

In 1873, after the death of Warner, the property was sold to LUKE S. and MARY J. GREENLAW for $250.

The house was built in 1874 in the cabin style (plank walls) by the Greenlaws. It has no foundation and no framing. Luke Greenlaw was elected County Superintendent of Schools and moved here from Empire to be close to his work. (The county building where he worked was located on the southwest corner of Musser and Carson Streets.)

The Greenlaws lived here until 1888, and sold the house for $750.

Several other County Officials have lived here over the years, including FRED TRIMMER in the late 19-teens - Printer at the State Printing Office; JOHN and MARY McGILLIS in the early 1920's - they ran the County Hospital and Poor Farm (after John's death, Mary was the first woman appointed to such a post); FLORENCE and WALTER AUSTIN in the 1930's - Walter was County Sheriff. In the 1990's it was occupied by a County Planning Commissioner and her husband.

This home is on the "Blue Line", i.e., the Kit Carson Trail. The stone ashlar (low stone wall) around the property was quarried by prisoners at the State Prison (Warm Springs Hotel). The photos above are from the 1990's and show the home in early spring.

April 2, 1994, researched by Maxine & Fred Nietz