V&T Locomotive No 3: Storey

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V&T Locomotive No. 3, also known as "The Storey", is a historic locomotive that once ran on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad. It was named for Storey County, one of the three original counties that were served by the V&T.


The Storey was built in 1869 at the H. J. Booth & Company works in San Francisco, CA. It was one of three engines ordered from Booth at the same time; #1 Lyon and #2 Ormsby were the other two.

The locomotive arrived in Reno in September 1869, and was dismantled and transported by wagon to Carson City in pieces. It joined the other two engines, which were already in town, and when regular service to Virgina City was established in early 1870 it was put to service hauling freight and passengers up and down to the Comstock.

The Storey was heavily used in the first few years of the railroad, but as newer and larger Baldwins were purchased this small engine quickly found itself no longer useful.


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