Treadway Park

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Treadway Park is a small park located in west Carson City. There are no facilities at the park, just some shade trees and a couple of picnic tables.

It is located at the corner of William and Minnesota Streets, and is adjacent to the parking lot for the Carson Tahoe Specialty Medical Center (formerly Carson-Tahoe Hospital).

This small park is the remnant of a much larger park, historically known as Treadway's Park. Aaron Treadway owned much of this land in the 1800s, and opened it to the public for use as a picnic grounds. In the 20th century much of the park was sold off and developed, but this small parcel still remains for the enjoyment of Carson City's residents. As of February, 2007, the park was still privately owned by Carson-Tahoe Hospital, but negotiations were underway to sell it to the city.




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