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Treadway's Park was a ranch in west Carson City in the late 1800s. The site of the ranch is roughly bordered by the modern-day streets of Washington, Mountain, Fleischmann, and Division. Under proprietor Aaron Treadway it became a popular spot for picnics and day trips, both for residents of Carson and for visitors from Virginia City and Reno.


Aaron Treadway moved to the Eastern Slope in 1859, and by 1861 had bought 10 acres in Carson City. He quickly set to planting fast-growing cottonwoods around the property, which in a few years started to provide quite a bit of shade. Several of these trees still survive today, including the Nevada Bicentennial Tree. His orchard contained peach, pear, apple and plum trees, which provided sweet treats for Carson residents every summer. He also had horses, cows, oxen and hogs on the farm, as well as a pond stocked with catfish.

By 1866 Treadway was opening his ranch to the public, presumably for a fee, to enjoy picnicing and games under the trees. The V&T Railroad ran along Washington Street, right along the south border of the park. Many groups would run railroad excursions to Treadway's Park, and the train would stop right at the front gates to discharge and pick up the vacationers.

Camp Clark

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In 1898, with the Spanish-American War on, Treadway Park was the home of Camp Clark, which housed a few hundred volunteers who were being trained and ready to go to war. Originally the troops were stationed at Camp Sadler at the racetrack on the east side of town, but conditions there were hot and unpleasant. Camp Clark at Treadway's Park was much nicer, and the troops enjoyed their time there much more. The war soon ended, though, and the troops were mustered out by late October 1898, without ever having left Carson City.

Present Day

Treadway died in 1903, leaving no children. In the 20th century much of Treadway's Park was sold off and developed, a large part of it becoming home to Carson-Tahoe Hospital. A small piece is still preserved in west Carson, at the corner of William and Minnesota Streets. Known as Treadway Park, it contains many of the old cottonwoods planted by Treadway himself. As of February, 2007, the park was still privately owned by the hospital, but negotiations were underway to sell it to the city.

Treadway Park.jpg Current day Treadway Park.

2915579253_8210f3e06b.jpg The site of the entrance to Treadway's Park, along Washington Street.

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