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  • early career, Twain spent a few years in [[Carson City]] and [[Virginia City]], working as a writer for the [[Territorial Enterprise]]. [[Category:Notable Carson City Residents]]
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  • ...He showed confidence in [[Abe Curry]]'s vision for the future of [[Carson City]] by not only buying land right downtown, but by building and operating Car territory, by now called Nevada, and this time centered around Carson City as the capital. This territory was created in 1861, but the Major didn't li
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  • ...major U.S. deposit of silver ore, discovered under what is now [[Virginia City]]. After the discovery was made public in 1859, prospectors rushed to the a It is notable not just for the immense fortunes it generated and the large role those for
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  • ...Tjader''' M.D. (1825 to 1870), was an early settler and doctor in [[Carson City]] and [[Genoa]]. ...turn with the other survivors. But a few days later he arrived in Virginia City, having hid in a bush for two nights to avoid the Indians.
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  • ...he settled in Nevada, where he met and married Mary Hopkins of [[Virginia City]]. They had three children. Two of the children later died of Scarlet fever term. After leaving office he was named superintendent of the [[Carson City Mint]] in 1894, and was in that position when the Mint was downgraded to an
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  • ...e first to discover gold in [[Gold Hill]], and the man for whom [[Virginia City]] is named. ...the name, amazingly enough, stuck. (Another, less colorful, story has the residents of Ophir picking the name in a meeting to honor Old Virginny for being the
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