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  • ...Nevada State Governor's Mansion''' is the official home of the governor of Nevada. It is located at 600 Mountain Street, in [[Carson City]]. It is currently For over a hundred years, this has been the residence and offices of Nevada's Governor. Construction was completed in 1909. The total cost was $22,700.
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  • ...of Nevada. He served between 1871 and 1879. Born in Virginia, he moved to Nevada in 1862 where he worked in the cattle business in Elko County before enteri [[Category:Historic Figures]][[Category:Nevada Governors]]
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  • ...n in Seaport, Maine, in 1839, and went West in 1856. In 1859 he settled in Nevada, where he met and married Mary Hopkins of [[Virginia City]]. They had three Exploring the home of Nevada’s seventh governor]
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