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  • ...[[United States Census 2000|2000 census]], the city had a total population of approximately 1,500. Virginia City is the only city in Storey County and is ...[[silver]] strike of 1859. During its peak, Virginia City had a population of nearly 30,000 residents. When the Comstock Lode ended in 1898, the city's p
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  • ...City]]. It is located at 304 S. Minnesota Street, at the southwest corner of Minnesota and Third. widow stayed in town and had this house built for herself at the corner of Minnesota and Third Streets.
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  • ...maritime site in Nevada to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. ...f hotels and communities scattered around its shores, serviced by a number of steamers crossing the lake. Lumber magnate [[Duane L. Bliss]] ordered the v
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  • ...s a historic building in [[Minden]]. It is located at the northeast corner of 6th Street and U.S. 395. ...hold 65,000 bushels of grain, and it was capable of producing 100 barrels of flour per day. Soon the demand for Minden Flour was so great that the plant
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  • ...e [[Virginia and Truckee Railroad]]. It is now contained in the collection of the [[Nevada State Railroad Museum]]. ...apped after they had outlived their usefulness. But not V&T #22. It is one of only three or four that have survived to the present day.
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