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  • ...had been established to accommodate the surge. There was even talk of the Railroads running lines across the country. Heady times with money and progress aroun Red Dog and Downieville they had long talks about the future, the west, railroads, telegraph, the war, gold, silver. Opportunities abound around them. Action
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  • Much of the historic V&T equipment that still survives is owned by the State of Nevada, and is o [[Category:Historic Railroads]][[Category:Carson City]][[Category:Virginia City]][[Category:Reno]][[Categ
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  • ...operating 2 to 4 sawmills, 2 Lake Tahoe steam tugs to tow logs, 2 logging railroads, the logging camps employing 500 men, and a planing mill and box factory in Online list of Historical Markers] from the State Historic Preservation Office.
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  • '''V&T Locomotive No. 2''', also known as "'''The Ormsby'''", is a historic locomotive that once ran on the [[Virginia and Truckee Railroad]]. It was n * [[Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California]] (book)
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  • The '''Joe. Douglass''' is a historic locomotive, the first and only locomotive to run on the [[Dayton, Sutro & C [[Image:Joe Douglass Historic.jpg|500px]]
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  • [[Image:Joe Douglass Historic.jpg|500px]] The '''Dayton, Sutro & Carson Valley Railroad''' was a historic short line mining railroad that ran in the [[Dayton Valley]] in the late 18
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