Richard H. Bryan Building

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The Richard H. Bryan Building is a state office building in Carson City. It is located at 901 S. Stewart Street, at the corner of Stewart and Little Lane. It was built in 2004-2005 as a home for the Nevada Division of Conservation and Natural Resources. It was named after former Nevada Governor and U.S. Senator Richard Bryan. The building houses Conservation and Natural Resources divisions such as Environmental Protection, Water Resources, State Parks, State Lands, Conservation Districts and Natural Heritage Program. These departments moved from their old offices to the Bryan building during the summer and fall of 2005.

The Bryan Building was dedicated and officially opened on July 14th, 2005, even though equipment and people had been moving in for a few weeks prior. The building cost $20 million, but it was financed under a lease-purchase agreement, so the State could spread the costs over several years.

A twin building is in the planning and budgeting stages. It will sit back-to-back with the Bryan Building, facing Roop Street. When it is constructed, it will be the home to Nevada's Department of Human Resources.

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