Nevada State Railroad Museum

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The Jacobsen Interpretive Center at the NSRM

The Nevada State Railroad Museum (NSRM) is a state run museum located in Carson City. Its purpose is to showcase the history of railroading in Nevada, with a particular focus on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad. Many of its large artifacts are remnants of that railroad.

Location and Hours

The museum is located in Carson City, at the corner of Fairview Lane and Hwy 395 (Carson St). The address is 2180 North Carson Street.

The museum hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm, seven days a week.

Train Rides

Train rides are offered on the weekends during the summer. Usually the museum's motor car is brought out for rides, but on certain holidays and occasions rides are given on the steam train and coaches, usually pulled by Engine #8, but sometimes pulled by Engine #25.

The prices for a ride on the motor car are: Adults $4, Senior (65+) $3, and children (5-12) $2. Prices for the steam train are a dollar more. In addition, some tickets are free during special events:

  • Mothers ride free during Mother's Day weekend
  • Fathers ride free during Father's Day weekend
  • Military personnel and veterans ride free during Memorial Day weekend


The museum has several pieces of historic railroad equipment, large and small. These are some ofthe highlights of their collection.


The museum owns eight steam locomotives, of which four are original V&T equipment and three are operational.

Motor Cars

The museum has one operational motor car, one that is being restored, and several sitting in their boneyard in poor shape.

Railroad Cars and Coaches

The museum has a large number of railroad cars and coaches, including most of the remaining V&T cars in existence. Some of the cars have been beautifully restored, others are in various states of decay.

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