Kit Carson

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Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson (December 24, 1809 – May 23, 1868) was an American frontiersman. The Carson River was named for Kit Carson. Carson left home at an early age and became a trapper. He gained notoriety for his role as John C. Fremont's guide in the American West. Carson also played a minor role in California during the 1846-48 Mexican-American War, and later became a rancher in New Mexico. During the American Civil War, he helped organize the New Mexico volunteer infantry, and fought against Navajo natives, against his will, but by order of the U.S. Army. By 1864, about 8000 Navajo had surrendered to the U.S. Army, while another 8000 hid in the back country. Kit Carson finally went home to his family. After the Civil War, Carson moved to Colorado, where he died.

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