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The Kinkead Building is a condemned state office building in Carson City. It is located at 505 E. King Street, on the east side of Valley between King and Second. It was built in 1975, and is named after John Henry Kinkead, Nevada's 4th governor, who served from 1879 to 1882. It is one of the tallest and most visible buildings in Carson City. Its white walls and wide rectangular windows stand out over the treetops as you're approaching town. Its six floors hold tens of thousands of square feet of office space, and at one time several state agencies called the building home.


It is also considered the worst building the State of Nevada ever constructed. Problems have plagued it since it was first built. Here’s the short list:

  • The ventilation system isn’t adequate for a building of this size.
  • At one time, none of the windows were weatherproof, and you could feel wind and rain coming in through the cracks.
  • It ran into foundation problems almost immediately, and some parts of the building have settled faster than others. This has caused the floors to sag so badly that balls roll across the room by themselves. Workers were developing back problems because their chairs wouldn’t stay still.
  • The concrete beams are riddled with cracks, and chunks of concrete have broken free and fallen. Some of them have almost fallen through the ceiling tiles.
  • Fire officials found about 400 safety violations.
  • Engineers have found the building would collapse in a moderate to strong earthquake. When a mild earthquake hit in September 2005, workers rushed to the exits and waited outside to see if an aftershock would bring it down. A supervisor came by and told them this time would count against their break. [1]


In November 2005, a plan was approved to move all occupants out of the building and "mothball" it. It was planned to move all personnel to office in other buildings, then lock the doors and leave the Kinkead Building abandoned and condemned until the money can be found to demolish it.

Demolition costs have been estimated at $1.6 million. A state budget crunch is preventing the Legislature from allocating the money need to tear the building down.

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