Historical Marker 75

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This is Nevada State Historical Marker #75, one of 266 markers scattered around the state.

This marker is located in Carson City, in front of the Paul Laxalt State Building.



One of several buildings of identical architecture built throughout the country during the Victorian period. It is now the last structure of its type standing west of the Mississippi River.

The cornerstone was laid on September 29, 1888, and the building was first occupied in 1890. Judge Thomas P. Hawley directed the cornerstone laying and became the first United States District Judge to preside here. Bruce R. Thompson was the last judge to preside in Carson City. The court was moved to Reno, August, 1965.

Sylvester H. Day was the first postmaster and W.E. (Bill) Dunfield the last when the post office was moved September, 1970.

The building became the State Library in September, 1972.

The Carson Opera House formerly occupied this site.

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