Historical Marker 250

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Historical Marker 250, in Carson City

This is Nevada State Historical Marker #250, one of 266 markers scattered around the state.

This marker is located in Carson City, at the Capitol Plaza. It is attached to the wall of the Old State Printing Office, which is now part of the State Library.



Completed in 1886, the State Printing Building is the second oldest structure built by the State within the Capitol Complex. Architects Morrill J. Curtis and Seymore Pixley designed the Italianate structure to compliment the older State Capitol (1870). Curtis was responsible for many significant buildings throughout Nevada and the West, including the octagonal library annex to the rear of the State Capitol (1906). Like many important structures in Carson City, this building is constructed of sandstone ashlar quarried at the nearby State Prison and is a significant example of state governmental architecture for the period. From 1886 to 1964, the building housed the offices and presses of the State Printer.

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