Historical Marker 223

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Historical Marker 223, in Silver City

This is Nevada State Historical Marker #223, one of 266 markers scattered around the state.

This marker is located in Silver City, on the Comstock. It is along the side of the road right near Devil's Gate.

The marker is unique in that it's a concrete monument, not a blue metal sign like most of the rest of the markers.



It gives... "a forcible impression of the unhallowed character of the place," J. Ross Browne--1860.

This rugged reef of metamorphic rock was once one of the famous landmarks of the Nevada Territory. In June of 1850, John Orr and Nickolas Kelly unearthed a gold nugget nearby, the first ever found in Gold Canyon. For the next ten years, the canyon was the scene of placer mining and one of the first stamp mills in the Territory was erected just to the south of Devil's Gate during the summer of 1860.

During the brief Paiute War of May, 1860, the people of Silver City built a stone battlement atop the eastern summit and constructed a wooden cannon for protection.

Devil's Gate marks the boundary line between Storey and Lyon Counties. Through this narrow gorge paraded thousands of the most adventurous souls of the mining West as they made their way to the gold and silver mines of the Comstock Lode.

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