Devils Will Reign

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Cover of Devils Will Reign

Devils Will Reign: How Nevada Began is a 2006 book by author Sally Zanjani that deals with the early history of Nevada and its founders. It mostly deals with the 10-year span between when the first Mormons settled in Genoa in 1851 and when Nevada Territory was formed in 1861. A major theme in the book is the struggle between the Mormon settlers, who wanted the Eastern Slope to become a religious settlement, and the miners, ranchers, and traders, who wanted it as a place of commerce and didn't much care for the Mormon's plans. The title comes from a quotation by Mormon elder Orson Hyde, and his fears upon learning that Brigham Young was recalling all the Mormon settlers to Salt Lake City, essentially abandoning Nevada to the heathens.

The book is available at several area bookstores, as well as from many sources online.

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