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Abraham Curry

Abraham Van Santvoord Curry (1815-1873) is widely regarded as the "father" of Carson City. In 1858 he and a few business partners came to Nevada from California, looking to invest in real estate. When prices in Genoa proved to be too high, they went to the next valley north and bought the Eagle Ranch off of John B. Mankin. They then developed a townsite on part of the ranch, and nurtured it not only to become a full-fledged city, but also capital of the Nevada Territory which was formed only three years later. Curry spent the rest of his life in Carson City, serving in such diverse jobs as warden of the State Prison, superintendent of the Carson City Mint, and building contractor for some of the town's most notable buildings.

Early Life

Time in California

Beginnings of Carson City

Later Years

Statue of Abe Curry at the Capitol Plaza.


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